Odell Brewing

Interstellar Craft Beer Battles, Animated.

Art Direction
3D Animation
2D Animation
Sound Design


Client: Odell Brewing Company
Agency: Fortnight Collective
Brand Director: Jen Kubis
Creative Director: Noah Clark
Executive Producer: Andrew Johnston
Art Direction / 3D: Brian Long
2D Animation: John Camalick

For the launch of their new Hazer IPA, Odell was looking create a fun series animations based off of their new can artwork. The goal was to establish a memorable brand for the beer itself that would be recognizable to anyone opening a beverage cooler.

Nifty took the initial designs and kicked them up a notch by adding photo-realistic CGI cans, lo-fi character rigs, and custom designed laser beams. Sound design also added a ton of energy that really helped encapsulate the retro space vibe.

The result were several fun, social specific animations that helped tell the story of the most epic fight for the best IPA in the galaxy.

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