Soaring High: Autonomy in Scanning.

Creative Direction
3D Design
3D Animation


Client: Leica Geosystems
Creative Director: Brian Long
Executive Producer: Andrew Johnston
Animation: Derek Superville, Ryan Gruidel
Editor: Jeff Wilson
Design: Derek Superville, Ryan Gruidel, Jon Drobil, Harrison Vincent, Alejandro Padgett, Max Vysokolov, Matthew Stovall

Leica Geosystems, a leader in professional laser scanning applications, needed a series of product launch videos for their new autonomous, flying, laser-scanning drone, which falls under their new line of Autonomous products. Showcasing the scanner in action and its industry leading capabilities was a priority for their brand and the product's launch.

Nifty created various CG sections that served to both unveil the new technology and demonstrate its key features in action. The "Announcement" video acts as the grand reveal of the BLK2FLY to the industry while the "Operation" video explains its capabilities in more detail.

The two videos were integrated into the product launch keynote livestream, social media, as well as Leica's new microsite which can be seen here.

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