Guava Family

Reimagining Family Adventures with 3D stories.

Creative Direction
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3D Design & Devlopment
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Client: Guava Family
Creative Director: Brian Long
Executive Producer: Andrew Johnston
Animation: Ignacio Vega, Derek Superville
3D Development: Luis Miranda, Ignacio Vega, Derek Superville
Design: Brent Walker

Since 2009, the Guava Family of products has designed and manufactured travel cribs and baby gear, with their minds set on the ease and functionality for parents. They came to us to create high quality 3D videos and still imagery renders for a couple of their top products. Before purchasing, the majority of consumers like to view life-like product demonstrations and zoom in on high quality imagery to get a better understanding of how the products work and become educated on fabrics, textures and dimensions.

Nifty created fully functional 3D models of the Lotus Travel Crib and Roam Stroller, along with demonstration videos and stills, to be used on Guava’s updated website and social media channels. The videos act as key components to their buying experience, as shoppers can feel confident about all of the features and benefits before purchasing.

By creating high-end 3D models vs. product photography, Guava can easily make updates to their content and continue to pull imagery from their library of assets. The level of detail provided has a huge impact on the buyer’s decision making, thus positively affecting the bottom line. You can check out the animations in action on their website here.

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