Bona Mops

Animating the Essence of Cleanliness.

Art Direction
3D Design
3D Animation


Client: Bona Mops
Production Agency: Venture

Bona aimed to create several promotional videos for their new line of premium mops and were looking for a new way to show the beauty of their products and their usage.

Nifty created several fully CG versions of spills, messes, kitchen floor materials, and mop types to insert into different product edits. Part of the challenge was not only to replicate typical household messes but also to visually match the real life kitchen that was used inside of the shot footage.

The result were a handful of CG sections that could be inserted into current and future promotional edits on their advertising front. These CG sections separate them from their competitors who typically use only live action footage, which limits the ability to show off the mops, features, and overall beauty of the products.

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