BOA Li2 / Fizik

Perfect Fit: Visualizing Performance Innovation.

Art Direction
3D Design
3D Animation


Client: BOA, Fizik
Production Agency: Lumenati
Creative Agency / Contracted by: Spillt
3D Modeling / Rigging: Jon Drobil
Audio: Coupe Studios

When it comes to a precision fit lacing system, BOA is second to none. Their next-generation ratchet dial, Li2, introduces a new level of performance. Partnering with the top tier bicycle shoe company, Fizik, they were looking to create a product launch video showcasing the new dial, shoe, and how they pair together.

Nifty Founder & Creative Director, Brian Long, worked under Spillt to design and animate several fully CG environments for the unveiling of the new technology and collaboration. Showcasing the textures, functionality, and beauty of the products was a priority for both of the brands.

The end result was a 1+ minute combination of live-action footage, CG product sections, and animated graphic title cards to reach potential customers through their website, social channels, and mobile applications.

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