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Client: Bauer
Creative Director: Brian Long
Executive Producer: Andrew Johnston
Animation: Ignacio Vega, Brian Long
Design: Ignacio Vega

Bauer Hockey is the staple equipment manufacturer in the hockey industry and they continue to set the bar with their high-end product production and brand content.

Nifty has collaborated with Bauer for several years and they came to us to help produce high quality 3D content for their first-of-its-kind POWERFLY holder, designed to adapt and respond to every skating move. By modeling and animating the holder, we were able to create dynamic video and still content, allowing the viewer to get a feel for every key feature and performance-enhancing capability.

The creation of these impactful content pieces allows Bauer to add important assets to their website, social channels and marketing campaigns and edit existing videos to highlight the incredible new product releases. See them in action on their website and socials.

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