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Boa: Li2 Dial & Fizik Shoe

Product Animations


Art Direction 3D Design 3D Animation
Art Direction
3D Design
3D Animation


Client: BOA, Fizik Production Studio: Lumenati Creative Studio: Spillt 3D Modeling / Rigging: Jon Drobil Audio: Coupe Studios
Client: BOA, Fizik
Production Agency: Lumenati
Creative Agency / Contracted by: Spillt
3D Modeling / Rigging: Jon Drobil
Audio: Coupe Studios

When it comes to a precision fit lacing system, BOA is second to none. Their next-generation ratchet dial, Li2, introduces a new level of performance. Partnering with the top tier bicycle shoe company, Fizik, they were looking to create a product launch video showcasing the new dial, shoe, and how they pair together.

Long before Nifty Studio was even a thing, Nifty Founder & Creative Director, Brian Long, cut his teeth under Spillt as an independent contractor. In this role, Brian designed and animated a fully CG environment for the unveiling of the new technology and collaboration. Showcasing the textures, functionality, and beauty of the products was a priority for both of the brands.

The end result was a 1+ minute combination of live-action footage, CG product sections, and animated graphic title cards to reach potential customers through their website, social channels, and mobile applications.

Behind The Scenes

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